If you like the outdoors and camping is your idea of fun, you will definitely be in the market for a good camping tent. Camping tents are supposed to protect you from the elements but also offer some level of comfort. Suffice it to say that there are different types of camping tents, and they vary in size. Below we will discuss the types of tents and the sizes that are available. This way you will get the type of camping tent that is right for you.

Sizes of camping tents

1 person- This camping tent has enough room for one person and their gear.

2 persons- Perfect for couples has enough room for two sleeping bags and gear.

2.5 persons- Ideal for couples who want a little more room.

4 persons- Perfect for families.

Types of camping tents

The list below may help you choose the best camping tent for your needs

Backpacking tents- These are durable, portable, and incredibly lightweight.

Car camping tents- These are usually heavier since you don’t have to be bothered about weight.

Both these types of tents can be either free-standing or the kind that needs to be staked into the ground.

Either way, we promise regardless of the tent you choose; you are in for a lot of fun. Happy Camping.

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