The GoPro is a popular fishing camera among anglers and for good reasons. For starters, something is satisfying about filming yourself doing anything – even if it means catching a catfish with an old tire as afloat. Also, the GoPro is user-friendly, which is a plus when it comes to filming things. Most people who own a GoPro have yet to fully explore all of its capabilities.

A GoPro can also be used in tandem with an underwater breathing apparatus so that you can get footage of your adventures deep beneath the surface. If you have a fishing buddy, for example, he or she could share the GoPro with you so that you can both have footage of your adventures.

One thing to keep in mind is battery life. Just like any other electronic device, GoPros consume battery power. Make sure you bring extra batteries on what might seem like just a regular fishing trip.

If you plan on filming during the day, make sure to use a GoPro capable of capturing footage in higher resolutions. This way, your footage isn’t as pixelated as it otherwise would be and you’ll have more room for editing options.

Keep an eye out for lighting as well. Not only do you want to make sure you have enough batteries, but make sure there’s plenty of light around.

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