Archeological findings show that fishing dates back to 40,000 years ago. When routinely practiced, especially in the spring, this long-lived economic and recreational activity significantly improves your concentration and patience.

So, if you are looking forward to putting your patience and concentration to test through fishing in the spring, then read on as I got you covered through this article. I will be providing you with easy and effective spring fishing tips.

4 spring fishing tips

#Use small and live bait

Fish are pretty intelligent. They can remember different types of lures and also know when they are being baited. So don’t give the fish the option of thinking twice to bite on your bait. Make sure that you use small and live bait to optimally entice your ‘target.’

#Choose fishing spots that have warm water


Despite fish being cold-blooded, they are also sensitive to very low temperatures, thus they tend to move to warmer waters. Focusing on fishing spots that have warmer water will guarantee you a good catch by the end of your fishing session.

#Go fishing 2 hours before sunset

When spring fishing, make sure that you head out to fish at least 2 hours before sunset. During this time, the water temperatures are very ideal for the fish to come to the shallow ends. Fish will also be actively hunting for food during this time. There is also reduced light; this makes it difficult for the fish to see you.

#Exercise patience when setting the hook

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After a long winter, fish tend to become less active and slow. This means that they will be reluctant to bite or strike on anything. In order to have a great catch when spring fishing, make sure that you wait for 2 seconds longer before setting the hook, even if you feel a bite.

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