The pheasant is a highly prized game bird that hunters around the world enjoy hunting. When you are on a pheasant hunt, it can be very exciting and thrilling to get close enough to this fast-flying and high-jumping bird to successfully take aim and hunt them down.

To help improve your chances of bagging more birds, here are some pheasant hunting tips to consider for this year’s hunt.

If you are an avid pheasant hunter, making your own decoys is a good way to get more birds in the bag. Here are some simple steps for how you can make your own wooden rotary pheasant decoy that will quickly catch the attention of visiting birds.

First, decide where you want to mount it on a post or a tree. You can easily cut a hole through the center of a 4-inch piece of plywood. This will be the base for your decoy.

Make sure that the plywood is clean and free from debris, mix up some plaster as you normally would. The easiest way to do this is by using equal parts of water and plaster of Paris. You can stir this with a wooden dowel or stick until it is mixed thoroughly.

Now, pour the mixture into the center hole on your plywood disc base and drill a small drain hole near the bottom to release water or moisture that might gather inside after being outside for an extended period of time.

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