Marlin fishing is a popular sport that has been practiced for hundreds of years. While there have been changes in the way it is conducted, the idea remains the same: catch a large, billfish-type fish using only hooks and lines.

How to Catch Marlin

Marlin fishing can be done from a boat or a shoreline. Depending on where you are, you may even be able to do it from a dock. There are many ways that you can catch marlin, but they all rely on the same principle: lure the fish in with an object it wants to eat and then set the hook when it strikes at your bait.

The most popular method of marlin fishing involves trolling either on the surface or underwater. For trolling on the surface, you cast out a live bait (usually yellowtail or skipjack), place it on a wire leader and tie it to your mainline. The bait swims freely behind the boat as you troll along, which often attracts marlin looking for an easy meal. When one strikes, there is a good chance you will hook it since the bait is the closest point of resistance.

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