There is nothing like hunting from a tree stand to offer the hunter a few secrets to success. We all know that deer come down and feed at night and we can use this time to be very successful hunters. We do not need to go out and shoot does and then take home some venison for smoking, but we need to be able to shoot the bucks that we come across. This is where a tree stand offers us an advantage over the other hunters in our group and also gives us a better chance to get close and personal with one of these big boys.

Hunting from a tree stand does not mean we should kill deer without really knowing what we are looking at, but it does mean we need to know what we are looking at. This makes hunting from a tree stand very important.

There is nothing like being under a clear and beautiful or dark and scary night sky watching deer or other critters coming in for a late afternoon drink and dinner and I am here today to tell you about how it all works.

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